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A Koi pond is much more than a water feature in your garden – it’s a full ecosystem which lives and breathes and requires the expertise of a professional to keep it in tip top shape.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to built long term, trusting relationships with our clients and to become the leaders in koi ponds in South Africa.

Our vision is to provide quality services that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers.

About us

Aqua ponds was established in January of 2016. Having been in the koi ponds industry for over 8 years, working as a consultant for one of the leading companies in South Africa, Thomas decided to start a company that focused on pond servicing, maintenance, upgrading and installation of filtration systems and construction.


Because we have been around for quite some time, we have learned a thing or two when it comes to keeping koi. Koi keeping can be a very interesting and enjoyable hobby when everything is done right. It can also be the very opposite when you go the wrong route. So take it from us, we have seen quite a lot, and believe me there are a lot of chance-takers out there so be very careful. Patience and proper research is key when it comes to this hobby. So give us a ring. Let us solve your pond problems.


Aqua pond are based in Randburg and have 10 years experience.


We are known for offering expert advice and service at a reasonable price.

Aqua Ponds Services

Are you having problems with your Fish pond, filtration system water pump, fish health? Well you have come to the right place. At Aqua ponds we offer pond service, maintenance, construction, fish health and water pump servicing. Since we have been in the industry for a long time we know our stuff. We have worked on every type of filtration system out there, from pressurised to low pressure systems. So no situation is too hard for us to handle. Be assured that your pond is in good hands.

Filter installation, upgrade & once off service

We often meet clients struggling with pond problems that lead to dying fish. And sometimes they have already lost half of their collection by the time we meet them. So the first question I ask is how long have you had the pond for? And often the answer will be ‘I have had this pond for the last 10 years and I have had no problems at all until now’. And my answer to them is very simple: for the past 10 years you have been feeding your fish and your fish have been growing over that period of time. As your fish grow bigger, you feed them more food. And in that period you haven’t upgraded your filter system in order for it to cope with the increasing load. Eventually, your poor filter will no longer be able to cope and will crash.


Because filtration systems work 24/7 to provide a better environment for our koi they also need service. When you start to see your water clarity deteriorating slowly it may mean its time for a once off service

Koi pond construction & repair

Are you thinking of building a koi pond? Here at aqua ponds we not only provide you with advice but we also provide a step by step inspection to make sure everything is done right. We also design your filtration system in accordance to the size of your pond.


We will advise you on the correct equipment you need for a successful pond.


And We are also a one stop shop in terms of filtration Material. Filters, pumps UV lights and also   pipe and fittings


So if you are looking for a stress free koi pond use us it will be a great pleasure to create one for you

Water quality assessment

Call us in to check the quality of your water. Water quality is the key to a successful Koi pond. Poor water quality with high ammonia levels can kill your Koi, so call us in to make sure your water quality is good.

Fish health

Struggling with fish health? Let us help you because we understand how it feels to lose 10 years worthy of effort in just one week.


If you notice something unusual going on in your pond, take action immediately before you lose your fish.


Be on the look out for jumping, flashing on the pond floor and scraping on the side walls.

All this can be a sign of bad quality water or even parasites, so if you notice any of this on your fish give us a ring. We will come on site with our microscope and tell you what problem it is and what action to take.

Koi pond maintenance

Koi ponds provide a beautiful way to de-stress – but without professional help, maintaining your Koi pond can become a stressful task. Call in the experts and we’ll ensure your Koi pond is functioning optimally.


Maintenance involves Backwashing of filters, making sure everything is in running condition, and helping you extend the life of your equipment.


Should anything need replacement we will let you know before taking any action

We provide maintenance on a monthly and weekly basis depending on client agreement

Water pump service

Has your pump reached that stage where it makes a very annoying noise?


Well it is telling you its time for a service. Bring it to us before it breaks down and let us save you cost of buying a new one.

Call-Out Rates

Normal call out within a 40km radius is R 750.00 for the first hour.  This includes problem diagnostics and advice.  Problems regarding fish health and advice is R650.00. Every hour thereafter is R 200,00.

Call outs outside a 40km radius will attract a fee of R 5,00 per kilometre per round trip.

Feel free to call us on 078 907 2221 if you require further information.

Our Products

3 Bag Bead Filter

15 Watt UV Light

25 Litre Filter Combo

50mm Bottom Drain

50mm Elbow

63mm Double Union Valve

110mm Bottom Drain

400mm Brush Filter

400mm Filter Brush


Built-in Surface Skimmer


Eco Touch Various Speed Pump

High Pressure Bio Media

Low Pressure Bio Media

Low Pressure Filter

25L Pressurised Bio Filter

Sand Filter

Small Round Net

UV Replacement Globe

Contact us

c/o Nicolas Plants, Northumberland Rd, North Riding 


Tel: 078 907 2221