Looking to construct a new koi pond? Welcome you have come to the right place we are here to help you make senesce of it all. from digging to pipe laying filtration designs all the way to fish introduction. Weather its a natural pond or a Morden one you are after, we are here help you from the designing on paper to all the way to the day you introduce your first fish.

So let us get right into it, Koi ponds are not so complicated as you might think. Think of it as a natural eco system we are trying to imitate in your back yard with all the fancy equipment that we install called the filtration system to help it stay in balance, The system consists of Pumps uv lights mechanical filters and bio filters which we will get into in the bottom paragraph.


So let us get into detail on how a koi pond works. So think of it this way you have live fish swimming in a body of water where you going to be feeding each and everyday, meaning there is going to be waste created in the process, So in order to keep your fish environment which is your water quality as friendly as possible a filtration system is required. A filtration system consists of a water pump, mechanical filter, biological filter, and a uv light. Below you will see the rows of each and every one of them.

Water pump: There to help with the circulation of the water from your pond through your filtration system back to the pond. Simply put your pump sucks dirty water from your pond pushes it into your filters to get cleaned then back to pond again as clean water.

Mechanical filter: Receives dirty water first from the pond, Then traps all your solids food waste, any all solids that may end up in your pond.

Biological Filter: This one is there to make sure your water is free of toxins, It helps convert your Ammonia which is very toxic to fish into Nitrite also very toxic to fish. Then from Nitrite to Nitrate which is the last product not very toxic to fish but also very good food for your plants.

UV LIGHT: A uv light is there to help with eliminate algae to keep your water clear from green algae. Check out photos for some filters