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 Its been a very long winter for all of us with all these load shedding going on phew! we all can use a little bit of some good news for a change. Oh well to all koi lovers out there here  is a bit of good news for you the koi season is finally here yay!  We will be uploading new fish on this website as they come. so be on the look out.

It is not just a Koi carp to us it’s a living jewel and here we treat it as such. At Aqua Ponds we take the koi keeping hobby very seriously and would love to share our knowledge with you to make the hobby more enjoyable and Hussle free

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As Aqua Ponds we are here to make the koi keeping hobby enjoyable.

Aqua Ponds was established in 2016 by a team of motivated koi lovers. Because we love our koi dearly, we decided to open a one stop destination for all thing’s koi, from koi health to filtration systems and quality Japanese koi. Our team is dedicated to helping you understand your koi pond better.



Technical expert he has over 10 years of experience can tackle any challenge related to koi ponds from fish health water quality and filtration systems.


Our friendly shop assistant be ready to be welcome with the warmest smile Rose is very knowledgeable and always happy to  assist and answer all your pond related questions.

Stuart, Simba and Ronald

Our installation Team
No job is too difficult for them our team is always dedicated and ready to solve your pond related issues.



Electricity has become so expensive over the last few years and that has been hitting the koi hobbyist the hardest especially those of us that still use the normal swimming pumps to run our ponds. We would like to help you save as much as possible so get in touch with us let us. Remember not all koi ponds are the same so give us a ring let us save you not just money but your most valuable time as well.

Gulp Filters

Just like any other industry the koi keeping hobby is also evolving. From new easy use filters to new equipment and accessories. As our lives become busier let’s face It, we barely have time to maintain our Ponds as much as they need to. But not to worry there is a solution for every problem in this case Low Pressure filter systems designed to save electricity and time, easy to maintain access.