Water Quality

This is the most important factor when it comes to koi keeping, There are a few things that affect the quality of your pond water. Below are four main important Factors.


Ph is a measure of how acidic or Basic the water is in your pond. The average ph of inside fish is 7.4 so the ideal water ph for their environment is between 6 and 9 anything below or above this is considered dangerous.

Ammonia NH3

Is a chemical that is highly toxic found in our pond water.  It naturally occurs when our organic waste such as food and any other waste biggins to break down. Water changes are recommended if  high levels of  ammonia is found in your water. Mximum 50% water change is recommended. No more than that.

Nitrite NO2

Nitrite is a by-product of ammonia. Also very toxic to fish,When ammonia occurs in your water it is then broken down into Nitrite via the nitrosomnas Bactria. This is part of the natural eco system. If high levels of Nitrite is  found in your water change of water is  also recommended.

Maximum of 50% water change is recommended. No more than that

Nitrate NO3

Is the last product found in the water not very toxic to fish but can promote algae growth in the water. Also very good for water plants.

There are water test kits available to test for all the above mentioned

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